In this weekend’s Weddings Supplement with the Irish Examiner, our stunning Ava wool dress by Goat is featured as well as the exclusive Nefertum Parfum by Alchimista.


Alchimista Nefertum Parfum

Nefertum is an Egyptian name that literally means “Perfect, Without Equal.” A very hot and intense composition. It releases its harmony starting with top notes with an agreement between Bergamot and Harmony Oud, which is joined to the middle notes based on Cedar Wood and Saffron and then give way to the base notes with Patchouli and Vanilla.
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Ava short wool dress by Goat

Feminine, flattering and with a nod to the 1960’s, the Ava shift dress has been intricately crafted to offer a super-flattering fit. The dress has a raised neck and near side bow which is stitched in place; 3/4 length sleeves plus Goats signature side seam pockets. 00001