Cabinet Jewellery

Founded upon friendship, love and creativity our brand is certainly a family affair. Exotic conceptual detailing meets intrinsically British roots. We have lived a life less ordinary filled with enough family stories of adventure and exploration to last a life time over.

Our internationally acclaimed jewellery continually evolves each season… we march to our own beat exploring new materials and textures. For Cabinet’s founder Gemma Critchley, the brand was a natural evolution of her lifelong affinity for collecting. Spending much of her childhood in the West Indies where her parents lived for nearly 20 years, she grew fascinated with the continually changing life and colour both above and below the surface of the crystal clear ocean. “There are so many things unearthed in a Nor’wester storm that may not be solid gold, but I would certainly call treasures,” Critchley says. “I named the brand after the curiosity-filled cabinets that I began to fill and the new ones I would come across while scouring antique shops, flea markets, and reclamation yards. Our name represents our continuous quest for evolution and reinvention, and our love for all the wonderful things that have already stood the test of time.”