Alchimista Parfum

Alchimista is a brand that was born with precise values and is committed to deliver quality and Italian savoir-faire in all its forms. Careful and sophisticated processing craft are a priority.

There are three fundamental values of the brand: Exclusivity, Quality and Elegance.

An exclusivity given by each individual fragrance and that is perceived through the opaque bottle also made up of a specially tailored cap in wood worked. Constantly striving for perfection and trying to represent objects of art, beautiful not only to wear but also to see.

The quality is probably the fundamental value.

A Quality based on the choice of excellent raw materials related to a precious italian only craftsmanship joined to a meticulous attention for detail and finishing.

ENAPAY is a name derived from the ancient Indian Sioux literally meaning “Brave / Fearless”. It ‘s a fresh and pungent composition. The fragrance begins with a top note composed of Bergamot, Lemon and Rosemary. Then be followed by heart notes consisting of Jasmine, Geranium and Cinnamon which finally give way to the base notes where we find the Asian Sandalwood and Tonka Bean.

NEFERTUM is an Egyptian name that literally means “Perfect, Without Equal.” A very hot and intense composition. It releases its harmony starting with top notes with an agreement between Bergamot and Harmony Oud, which is joined to the middle notes based on Cedar Wood and Saffron and then give way to the base notes with Patchouli and Vanilla.

NEFERTITI is an Egyptian name which literally means “the Beautiful has come.” It’s a fruity and persuasive composition that predisposes more towards on female audience. Starting from the top notes we find Cherry, Lemon and Orange which give a space to the heart notes consisting of Almond, Patchouli and Lotus leaving terminate the base notes where we find Musk and the sweetness of Vanilla.

The name QUASAR is inspired by the Cosmology, where it was defined as the bright object in the Universe further studied by Astronomers. Quasar is a Woody composition that consist in mainly sweet and gentle. Starting from the Top notes are Calabria’s Bergamot, Ambergris and Morocco’s Cedar Wood, which harmoniously connect to those of the Heart made of Iranian’s Saffron, Patchouli, Madagascar’s Vanilla, and Finally the Base notes where we find Amber and Morocco’s Ciste.